Thursday, June 4, 2015

They Just Don't Know His Name

Did you ever get a revelation or an understanding that you couldn't put into words? There is nothing to describe what God has shown me about Who He is.

Other gods? No. All of it is our God, not known by His name.

I came across this "Intuition: A Healing Tool That Most Doctors Have Forgotten" and found it interesting because I personally have had things like that happen to me. I have struggled with this because it has seemed to be "not quite right" somehow.

I know God led me to this because I have been struggling more than usual lately. As I read, I knew what they were talking about on a much larger scale than they did.

What is this "intuition" they're talking about? Some mystical, forgotten knowledge as they say? In a way, yes. We are conditioned to compartmentalize our lives. This part goes here, that part goes there. Who we are at work sometimes has little resemblance to who we are in other parts of our lives.

As we compartmentalize our lives, we do the same to our minds and our spirits. (Unconscious minds, subconscious, whatever term seems to fit). We might "feel" something then dismiss it because it doesn't fit with what we are doing.

But this "thing" that we "feel" is more than just a thought. It's input from God Himself because... He is in all. He is best described as "I Am." He is. That's all there is to it.

There are no other gods because there cannot be. There is no room for another god. There are only two forces, two beings, two spirits and we adhere to one or the other. There are no other choices.

But I'm not saying it well. Read the article and tell me if it strikes you as very sad. These great minds are blinded to the truth, yet they have a glimmer of it. They just don't know His Name.

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