Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Real Christians

Thinking things over, I was inspired to look up "real Christians." I guess I'm not the only one who finds it hard to swallow the concept of Christians being "nice" and without personal problems. Of course, we know everyone has problems, but Christians don't have serious problems, right?

This stems from looking for a forum online where I could feel at ease. I didn't find one, in case you want to know.

What I did find was a board for "Non Christians asking for prayer," And "Non Christians with serious questions." Maybe I should have posed as a non Christian. '
Being a Christian does not mean that we are squeaky clean and nice all the time. We have bouts of anger, we have doubts and fears, and yes, we have addictions and ugly sins. Can't talk about that, though. Then we would look just like the world.

Well, no, we wouldn't. We are not like the world and if we are real and honest, we will never look like the world. What person battles an addiction with Christ on his side and doesn't give God the glory? What Christian, who, after spending an evening weeping before God, does not demonstrate power and victory?

Like the world? Oh, no... Real Christians are approachable by those who do not know Him. Real Christians don't always "have it all  together" but real Christians know, without a doubt, where to go to get it all together and they know, without a doubt that they are grounded on the Rock that will never, never fail them. No matter what.

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